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GaAs - Gallium Arsenide
Wafer Technology offers single crystal gallium arsenide grown at low pressure from high purity polycrystalline gallium arsenide in a vertical temperature gradient (VGF-Vertical Gradient Freeeze).This method produces crystals with a much lower dislocation density than those produced by any other growth method.

Mechanical Specifications
Gallium arsenide can be supplied as ingots or ingot sections or as-cut, etched or polished wafers. All gallium arsenide wafers are individually laser scribed with ingot and slice identity to ensure perfect tracability.


Polished Wafers
Fluoroware type tray, individually sealed in two outer bags in inert atmosphere. (Empak type boxes available on request)

As-cut Wafers
Empak type boxes (Glassine bag available on request)

‘Process Trial’ wafers
Fluoroware tray, individually sealed in one outer bag.

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Wafer Technology also offers GaAs wafers produced by the High Pressure Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski (LEC) method. Single crystal ingots are produced using high purity gallium and arsenic as the starting material

Tighter electrical ranges are available on request